15 Facts That Will Change How You See Dogs

Service or guide dogs are specifically trained to aid people who are partially or fully blind. Although not as common, they are also used to aid other people including those with autism.

When you see a service dog in action, they’re all business. You might think that they’re always that way, but you’d be wrong. Service dogs are trained to know when they are on duty.

As soon as their harness is put on they know they are working and they block out all distractions. However, when the harness comes off, they as playful and energetic as any other dog.

Guide dogs serve a variety of roles from listening for dangerous things to picking things up for their owner. They safely guide their owner through streets and buildings among other things.

It is really important to not pet or distract the dogs in any other way like trying to feed them or play with them when they are on duty. Always ask the owner if it is ok to pet the dog and don’t be offended if they tell you no.